Before the Con: 7th Street panels and events for Crypticon Seattle 2018!

This year at Crypticon Seattle, the guys at 7th Street Productions will be on some pretty rad panels talking about making movies or about what we love most: Horror movies! Here are the locations, times, and panels Calvin and Josh will be speaking at. We have also decided to include some screenings of movies or other fun stuff we plan on attending including our screening FRIDAY NIGHT at 8pm of “Cathy’s Closet“!!!

Friday, May 4th:
-Filmmakers workshop: where to start 7pm Friday (Josh) – Room: Cascade 2

!!!!! Cathy’s Closet: 8pm Friday  !!!!!

-Filmmakers Panel: mixer 9pm Friday
-Manos Returns: 9pm Friday

Saturday, May 5th:
– Filmmakers workshop: cinematography: 12:00 noon (Calvin) – Cascades 2
-Dead media collectors: 1pm (Calvin) – Cascades 5/6
-Art House horror: 2pm (Josh) Cascades 5/6

Sunday, May 6th:
-Sleepaway Camp: Live Commentary : 12:00 noon
-In love with Monsters 3:00 pm (Calvin) – Cascades 2


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