Recap for October 2018 – 31 Days of Halloween & Cathy’s Closet!

Hi guys!

Quick update from the guys over at 7th Street! If for some reason you missed our latest YouTube series 31 Days of Halloween click the link or check out our YouTube channel to see each and every episode as well as all the other rad videos we have been posting. We had a blast taking you through the month of October and sharing some of our personal favorite Horror movies with everyone. It has been awesome meeting new people through the channel and learning more about all you fellow movie buffs, so please continue to comment and reach out!

Last but not least, after a few months of letting Cathy’s Closet loose to a few film festivals, we are happy to announce after it was all said and done, the short film collected a handful of awards and got into some fantastic festivals across North America! Thank you to everyone involved and who supported this weird little movie as it screened in theaters with some other truly amazing films.

Believe it or not, things have yet to slow down for us lately so stay tuned!



Without further ado, Cathy’s Closet!



31 Days of Halloween! Hosted by Calvin!

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