February 2019 Update!

Hi there everybody!

We wanted to give everybody a quick update with whats going on at 7th street!

First off we just got done shooting and submitting our latest short “Nyctophobia” which stars none other than Airisa Durand and Manny Colin!  Our best buddy and crazy effects guy Zach Smith returns to bring another monster to life. Of course we will keep you updated with how the festival submissions go, wish us luck!

Second thing, we couldn’t be more stoked to tell you we just got to 500 subscribers on YouTube! If you haven’t subscribed here is the link to the channel! We are nearing the 50th episode for Reference This Film and we have so many other videos for you to check out.

As of now, our last feature film “Jesus, I Was Evil” is going to be distributed through Wild Eye Releasing! This is a bit of a process but when we know more rest assure the whole world will know how to watch this movie!

Lastly, I’m sure it seems like it has been a long time since we updated you on the anthology film “Spunk’s Not Dead” because it has been. This crazy little picture was picked up and is now available to pre-order on Amazon!

So if you couldn’t tell things have never been busier over here on 7th Street and we wouldn’t have it any other way. As always we are going to keep making good movies for bad people so stay tuned.



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