7th street productions is an Independent horror film company that
specializes in paying homage to the films that inspired us, while also
attempting to give them a new spin. The crew of 7th Street believes in
having a strong sense of teamwork and through being multifaceted,
everyone is able thrive and create the best film possible.
Our mission is to fight back against the tyranny of hollow Hollywood Horror
flicks, with our own liberating style of Gore and Mayhem. Someone’s gotta
take down Goliath, why not us?
Since 2017, 7th street production has written, Produced, and acquired
distribution for all ten feature films. Most of their films are readily available
for streaming on demand on platforms such as Tubi, Amazon prime, and
VUDU. Similarly, 7th Street and their films are regulars at Seattle’s
Crypticon Horror Film Festival

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