Director/DP ShowREEL – Film

The genesis of 7th street productions comes from a group of ten-year-olds running around the streets of Vancouver WA, with an old VHS camcorder, and playing zombies. Fast forward eight years later, and director Calvin McCarthy is starting his first year at the NW Film Center in Portland Oregon, and instead of coming up with a shiny new name, he holds steadfast to his roots, and resurrects 7th street production. Who knew something that started as a joke, could mean so much to so many, all these years later. Director Calvin McCarthy often refers to himself as “A fan first, and a genre filmmaker second.” Starting in the mid-nineties with his love of Japanese kaiju films, and 50’s era sci-fi, he has spent 85% of his life breathing, dreaming, and yes, possibly even eating Horror and science fiction. “I just want to tell fun stories.” he says; “As long as people are having fun with it, I’m happy.” Calvin McCarthy has directed 10 feature films in the last six years.

Most of his films can be viewed on demand courtesy of TUBI, VUDU, and Amazon prime.